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REQUIRED ANNUAL UPDATE: please click this link to update your student's required emergency and health information.

OBLIGATORIO ACTUALIZACIÓN ANUAL DE LOS DATOS: Por favor haga clic en este enlace. Le pedimos a usted actualizar la información para todos los estudiantes cada año para asegurarse de que tenemos información actual y precisa para los contactos de emergencia y las condiciones de salud.


Terman Mission Statement

Terman Middle School is an inclusive community of students, families, and educators engaged in achieving high academic and social standards with respect for diversity in a positive school climate.

School Accountability Report Card

Read the Palo Alto Unified School District's School Accountability Report Card regarding Terman Middle School; it includes information concerning school enrollment, average class size, school climate, school facilities, and teachers.


Registration is required for students enrolling in PAUSD for the first time or returning to PAUSD after an absence. Students currently attending Palo Alto schools are automatically registered for the following year. If you have any questions, please email PAUSD or check the website here.



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