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Terman Mission Statement

Terman Middle School is an inclusive community of students, families, and educators engaged in achieving high academic and social standards with respect for diversity in a positive school climate.

School Accountability Report Card

Read the Palo Alto Unified School District's School Accountability Report Card regarding Terman Middle School; it includes information concerning school enrollment, average class size, school climate, school facilities, and teachers.


Registration is required for students enrolling in PAUSD for the first time or returning to PAUSD after an absence. Students currently attending Palo Alto schools are automatically registered for the following year. If you have any questions, please email PAUSD or check the website here.


Minority Achievement and Talent Development Advisory Committee: Accepting Applications

The purpose of this Advisory Committee is to prepare a set of strategic, evidence-based recommendations that, when implemented, will enable the PAUSD community to assure that underrepresented minority student and other students from disadvantaged circumstances have the necessary opportunities, conditions, and supports that will empower and enable them to succeed, as well as both realize and maximize, their full intellectual, creative, and social potential.

You may download the application here, or contact the Assistant to the Superintendent, Kathleen Ruegsegger at kruegsegger@pausd.org. You can obtain information by phone, by calling

Completed applications must be sent to:

Dr. Glenn “Max” McGee, Superintendent
Palo Alto Unified School District
25 Churchill Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94306

or may be emailed to: kruegsegger@pausd.org.

All applications must be received by Friday, October 31, 2014 at 4:30 pm.

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