Getting to Terman

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Our Parking Lot Expectations:

Our Terman parking lot is small; traffic congestion and back-up are challenges. We need parent and visitor help to ensure student safety and help maintain a steady flow during drop-off and pick-up times.

Please do not drop students off on Arastradero Road; it is a high traffic, main thorough fair and is not a good location for drop off.

Please pull as far up and away from the office building as possible to drop off students in our parking lot.

Do not block the bus zones of orange cone areas in front of the office building.

Please be responsive to staff who are assigned to monitor the parking lot traffic; their directions are intended to keep our students safe and facilitate the flow of traffic.

It is illegal to make a right-hand turn out of the Terman Driveway onto Arastradero Road:

when the light is RED and when students are present, morning or afternoon, or anytime during school hours.