History of Terman

History of Terman

Terman Middle School re-opened for the 2001-2003 school years at the interim site of the former Garland School. In August 2003 the new middle school at last opened at this site, home of the former Terman Junior High School.

The school district decided to re-name the third middle school Terman Middle School in honor of the contributions of both Lewis and Frederick Terman.

When Terman Junior High School first opened in 1958 it was named after Lewis M. Terman (1877-1956). He was a renowned Stanford psychologist of the early 1900’s. He contributed to education both through his research on health and hygiene in schools and his development of the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test, which is used worldwide.

Frederick E. Terman (1900-1982), the son of Lewis, was a Stanford engineering professor who encouraged his students, most notably David Packard and William Hewlett, to start up their own electronics companies in Palo Alto, hence the formation of Hewlett Packard and the birth of Silicon Valley.

In the school year 1957-1958, Terman Junior High School opened up as an annex at Cubberley High School. In the fall of 1958, classes began on this Terman campus. The school was known as the Home of the Tigers and its colors were light blue and white. The school district closed the school in June 1978 due to declining enrollment.

The new Terman Middle School has a tiger as a mascot and colors of gold and black. Terman Middle School is once again the Home of the Tigers.