Special Education

* Incoming 6th Grade Special Ed Night Presentation 3/2/17

Terman Special Education is designed to meet the needs of students with current Individual Education Plans Special Education Services at Terman.

Instructional Supervisor: Stacey Shirer

6th Grade Resource: Priscilla Kaplan

7th Grade Resource: Jason Roberts

8th Grade Resource: Maureen Duffy

6-8 grade Futures Program: Nandini Mohan, F6
6-8 grade Speech/Language Services: Marianne Rivers

Inclusion TOSA: Stacey Shirer
School Psychologist: Todd Daly
Academic Communications: Maureen Duffy
Educationally Related Mental Health Services: Kari Seaton
Adaptive Physical Education: Angel Sheridan

Placement in any special education program at Terman requires students to meet eligibility under federal laws governing special education.